"ICANN" Makes Decision to Register ".հայ" New Domain Name

On 20 November the “ICANN” organization  made a decision to register new domain name ".հայ" in the internet.After the ".հայ" name being registered a process of technical agreements begins and the duration of which is estimated to 3-6 months.

It's a very important event for all the Armenians world-wide, they will all have the opportunity to spread the information about themselves in the internet using also Mesropian ".հայ" domain.

 The use of ".հայ" domain name will stimulate the use of the Armenian keyboard in the Diaspora, to input Armenian fonts in modern mobile devices. It will enable to develop the knowledge of Armenian in the internet.

At the same time it will favor the Armenian language to be widely used both in everyday life and in the future broadening of Armenia -Diaspora ties. 

The ".am" domain name was given to Armenia in 1994,in the same year the right to register it got the "Internet Society" NGO who will also be given the right to register the ".հայ" domain name .

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