North-South Road Corridor Investment Program Implementation Organization SNCO

The "North-South Road Corridor Investment Program" has three levels of management

Strategy and policy options,
Project Coordination and control,
Project Implementation

Project Management Board is the Project coordinator and supervising body which main functions are:

1.  Project implementation policy, strategic orientation and planning guidance
2. Coordination and management of resources provided by international financial institutions
3.  Control over the activities on the organization of Project Implementation

"North-South Road Corridor Investment Program" implementing organization SNCO or Project Implementation Organization was established March 11, 2010 by the RA Government's N 446 decision and it is considered to be the executive body of the program which is responsible for the program and the management of the separate activities of the programs implementing under its control. Project Implementation Organization (hereinafter PIO) is a structure established by RA Ministry of Transport and Communication that is accountable to the Project Management Board.
PIO signs and implements contracts with the consultants and contractors.

PIO main functions are:

-selection of seeking projects for funding individual tranches,
-planning and implementation of procurement,
-investigation, review and approval of the projects design,
-support to the selected contractors and consultants,
-financial control, including maintenance of the project accounting,
-monitoring of individual projects and presentation of reports,
-support to the implementation of environmental and social protection activities
-monitoring and reports on project implementation and results,
-control over the design and construction work,
-management of the project effective implementation,
-investment and management of the models of exploitation and maintenance, including performance-based public-private partnership

Project Management Board may temporarily transfer some PIO functions to other organizations if necessary. PIO financing is carried out by RA budget, by the Ministry of Transport and communication and by the project funds and other sources.