Communication and Informatization Department

The department within the limits of its competence performs the following functions:

- works out the implementation of state policy aimed projects in the sphere of electronic communication, informatization and internet.

- implements electronic communication, informatization and internet sphere concerning commitments defined by the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia.

- works out perspective and current project plans concerning the electronic communication. informatization and internet sphere.

- implements the process management of the administrative statistical register on the basis of gathered data about the results of electronic communication and information communication technology sphere.

- implements the legal act plan confirming the frequency distribution table of the Republic of Armenia  defined by the RA Legislation

- works out rules about construction, painting and lighting of radio aerials if the existence of that kind of structures endangers the navigation.

- works out normative legal and normative technical act plans concerning the informatization and internet sphere.

- cooperates with NGOs implementing activity in the international and informatization sphere.